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Meet Maia Wikler, 2016 Intern at the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Maia Wikler, a recent graduate from Colorado College with a degree in Anthropology, has joined the ACHP's Office of Native American Affairs as an intern for the months of March and April. While at the ACHP, she is helping to develop a Native youth program and recommendations for strategic outreach to youth. Maia has been busy creating content for youth about historic and cultural preservation, Section 106 and historic preservation careers, and is also developing recommendations for integrating the articles in the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples that relate to youth into the ACHP's Native youth program.

Maia is enthusiastic about her internship at the ACHP because she believes that "...culture is inextricably connected to what makes us human, and when culture is stripped from us so is our humanity. Preservation of cultural landscapes, sacred sites and places is vital not only for cultural preservation but also for human rights... From my experiences teaching and mentoring youth while in Colorado and in Brazil as well as developing community engagement programs, I was very interested in pursuing the connection of youth empowerment and cultural preservation through programming. The opportunity to work at the ACHP's Office of Native American Affairs to develop Native youth programming was a great way for me to continue to pursue my interests in preservation and social justice." She also said, "While at the ACHP, I have had incredible opportunities to learn about the inner workings and intersection between policy, community stakeholders, federal agencies, and tribes. From sitting in on meetings with the White House Council for Generation Indigenous to having the support and guidance to creatively develop a youth program report and proposal, I am having a holistic and unparalleled learning experience." Maia will be attending graduate school in the fall at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver where she will continue to pursue her interests in human rights and environmental stewardship.

The ACHP is planning to host four more interns this summer, a record number for the agency. Each of the interns is working with a different office within the agency, supervised by a member of the professional staff. The ACHP Alumni Foundation supports stipends for the internships and assists the interns with networking and advice.

All of ACHP's summer interns are provided with an orientation to the agency's work, an orientation to the historic preservation work of the National Park Service and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the opportunity to take the Section 106 training classes. Supervisors include the interns in meetings with various partners to deepen their understanding of the preservation program as a whole.

Updated March 31, 2016

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